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Building a Home in the Northside


Anyone looking to buy or build a home within the Houston area should at least consider North Side as it offers a peaceful, secluded family lifestyle while having reasonable commutes to many of Houston’s most popular business and entertainment centers. As the name suggests, Northside is North of Central/Downtown Houston and is a vast neighborhood as it starts right above Downtown Houston but expands far past the 610 Loop. While its size leads to many unique atmospheres depending on the exact area, this also means that Northside is diverse and offers many options to choose from depending on your own personal circumstances and home preferences. Overall, Northside provides multiple unique communities that attract many residents looking to buy or build a home.


Northside’s large size results in the locations within the neighborhood to vary greatly; however, this also means that potential residents of the neighborhood can choose a location specific to their needs. On the southern edge of Northside, homeowners are only a short commute from downtown. This is perfect for anyone whose workplace is in the area and is looking for a short commute or for anyone seeking a more lively lifestyle. Further up north are more secluded neighborhoods that may prove attractive to those looking to start or raise a family or those who just want some space from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, just because these areas are further from Downtown Houston do not make them less attractive. Each part of the neighborhood provides a sense of a close knit community and each has many forms of unique entertainment options not found anywhere else in Houston. Northside’s great size allows those looking to buy or build a home to pick their ideal location that suits their needs.


There is no shortage of dining, shopping, and entertainment options perfect for a relaxing evening after work or an enjoyable weekend excursion in the Northside neighborhood. First, Northside offers plenty of local restaurants and cafes to visit. A few include Esther’s Signature Dish, GrindHouse, and Golden Seafood House. Northside also offers many shopping options. Just driving around, one can see many different plazas to explore, each with many unique stores to choose from. Additionally, if you live closer to the southern border of the neighborhood, many of Houston’s amazing entertainment hotspots become available with only a short commute. And those who live further north should not worry or feel left out because exploring the rest of Houston, like going to the Houston Zoo or visiting the Houston Rodeo at NRG Stadium, can be an exciting day trip. Living in the Northside neighborhood allows for many opportunities to go out and explore Houston.


Northside also offers many amenities that allow for its residents to get plenty of sunshine. Additionally, residents have access to multiple local parks, such as Kerr Park, Northline Park, and Clark Park, which are perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors. These parks also allow for a variety of sports like football, soccer, or running. No matter where in Northside you are thinking about buying or building in, there will be no shortage of outdoor activity.


Those who have a family are, of course, going to look into the neighborhood's schools and try to offer their children the best educational opportunities possible. Northside has a large selection of schools that families can choose from. The public schools in the neighborhood are in the Houston Independent School District and include Burrus Elementary School, North Houston Early College High, and Northside High School. However, there are also many private and charter schools available such as St. Pius and YES Prep Northside Secondary School. Of course, there are many schools not on this list, but available to those who live in the neighborhood, and families should research their options to give their children the best education.


Homes in Northside are and will continue to be in high demand because it provides its residents a diverse lifestyle and culture and is home to many of Houston’s main attractions. The amazing neighborhood combined with CRV Home’s custom homes allows CRV Home’s homebuilding clients with everything they need to piece together their perfect life. While Northside will not always suit everyone, Houston offers a diverse array of neighborhoods and my previous blog posts on on Riverside Terrace, the Memorial Villages, and Braeswood Place are all great places to start looking for your ideal neighborhood.

CRV Homes can help you build your dream home in the Northside or any of Houston’s other amazing neighborhoods. Schedule your free idea session regarding custom homebuilding in Houston and get a free quote today by contacting CRV Homes. Click here to get started.

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