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What do you charge?

Year 1 -10 $48 per one hour session. Year 11 $53 per one hour session. Year 12 $64 per one hour session (one pupil per teacher). Year 13 $70 per one hour session (one pupil per teacher).

How many students are there per teacher?

Year 1 – 11 A maximum of 2 students per teacher Year 12- 13 Only 1 student per teacher

How long is each session?

Each session is one hour.

How many sessions do students have per week?

Normally, students have only one session per week for each subject. Very occasionally they have two per week if we have a lot of remedial work to do. One session per subject is usually enough because we are teaching to the same curriculum as the school.

Where are you located?

We talk this over when you contact us. This is because we have three main locations in town plus Tokoroa, Whakamaru, Marotiri, Mangakino, & Putaruru.

How long do students come to you?

The good news is that students usually notice a significant improvement after just one term. The bad news is that success creates a desire for even greater success. Therefore, most students just keep coming. Those that have a term off often return when their grades start falling.

What happens if my child is sick or can't make a lesson for some reason?

We expect you to notify us as soon as possible. Then, each Sunday evening we contact parents to organise a make-up session. If you make no contact then we must charge because we have to pay the teacher.

How much does it cost for an assessment?

Your initial interview/assessment will be FREE. Our tests can be easily understood by parents. We use a multiplication speed test and what is known as an IKAN (which should really be called an “I can’t”) to look for gaps in knowledge. This is a standard school test. The test usually lasts for about 15 minutes because we hone in on the needs of the child rather than try to impress you by filling out screeds of useless data.

Do you teach other subjects?

Yes, we teach the sciences and maths of businesses as they are very closely related to Maths. Science NCEA1; Biology NCEA1, 2 &3; Chemistry NCEA1, 2 &3; Physics NCEA1, 2 & 3; Accounting & Economics Yr 10 - 13.

What times are the lessons?

Usually 3:30, 4:30 & 5:30 Monday to Friday 9, 10 & 11 Saturday And, also during school time when it is appropriate.

Do you have a holiday programme?

Yes, during the last week of every holidays. Times and the number of days are very flexible. Most NCEA students come to us for the holiday programme during the Term 3-4 break. This is because the last term is very short (3 and a bit weeks). Then, students are on study leave and sitting exams.

Do you teach adults?

Yes. We are finding that many adults need Maths, Science, Accounting or Economics tuition to transition to a new job or to a University course. We have also had adults for entry exams to the armed forces, police, commercial pilot courses, and for apprenticeships.

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