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What our clients think

Customer Service

We know the importance of excellent customer service. CRV Homes has high ethical and professional standards and are committed to providing our customers with exceptional services and quality products. 

We stand by our quality craftsmanship and back it up with an industry-leading two-year workmanship warranty and ten-year structural warranty. Additionally, we know that it is exciting to build a new home so our construction professionals keep you updated on progress via phone, text and email, even photos - every step of the way. 

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Care, Detail & Commitment

Our 5-Star customer satisfaction rating reflects the care, detail and our commitment to quality that we put into every home we build. We stand by our quality craftsmanship and back it up with an industry-leading warranty and ten-year structural warranty. 

From the first meeting to move in day, our team of professional and detailed experts are with you every step of the way.

See below for what others say regarding their experience...

What our customer say...


“I am very impressed by the guys at CRV Homes. They made the entire process very simple and I am overall very happy with the experience. When we visited the home during the construction process the trades would stop cutting and nailing and create walk ways with left over wood for us to walk on so that our shoes didn't get muddy.” - Oral D. (Houston Area)


“We’ve had a great experience with CRV Homes. Our family is happy with the level of service CRV Homes provided us.” - Dick K. (Houston Area)


“Jeff Rodgers was extremely informative and approachable. I love all of the natural light in my new CRV Home. Highly recommend CRV Homes.” - Matthew G. (Houston Area)


“I really like my new Home as it is very open. Jeff and Noé did a great job making use of space that many other builders typically waste." - Richard A. (Houston Area)


“I’ve always been a fan of new Homes. With CRV Homes we know that all the material is just top notch and top quality. It was very important to us to know that we were getting a quality builder. It was home from day one that we felt the home they would build us would be of the same quality as a home they would build themselves.” - Amber M.  (Houston Area)


“We looked at a lot of houses and went through a lot of other builders, what attracted us to CRV was the modern design that is not over the top. We liked the detail that they ensure throughout the process and the natural light throughout the house.” - James and Tristan  (Houston Area)


“Working with CRV Homes was very simple and personal. From the salesperson to the trades that helped me and were very courteous and respectful. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to hire. Overall very satisfied.” - Nancy D.  (Houston Area)


“Noe is a class act. He helped me throughout the entire process. I was a wreck and overly cautious about everything. I didn't realize until the end that I was probably a nightmare customer but when when all was said and done it was obvious that they knew exactly what they were doing all along and I was stressed for no reason. I love everything about my CRV Home, especially the tall windows and high ceilings.” - Kimberly and Michael W. - (Houston Area)


“CRV Homes may not be the biggest builder in town but they are surely the most attentive. They have proven to me that they have excellent customer service and use the highest top-quality products.” John and Bill -  (Houston Area)

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