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CRV Homes Quality Assurance!

As a good standing member of the Greater Houston Builders Association we make continuing education a priority. Our homes are inspected by engineers to ensure compliance with building codes and our stringent quality requirements. We utilize Third Party Consultants to perform inspections during and after completion on every home. Our Professional Builders also conduct visual inspections daily. 

Please see the list of quality assurance measures below included in each of our homes...

CRV Homes Quality Assurance Measures

We stand behind our work!

When building a home on your property, CRV Homes follows applicable codes in the construction of your home. In addition, through our in-house quality verification, our construction professionals check each home at key stages to be sure nothing is overlooked or below standard. As a Texas home builder committed to quality, CRV Homes has undertaken this comprehensive quality verification program to provide consistent, high-quality homes to our Homeowners. Furthermore, additional inspections are taken at 10 critical stages of construction - see below.

1. Foundation (pre-placement)

The pre-placement inspection is designed to insure that the foundation make-up is per plan and meets existing applicable codes.

2. Plumbing (grounds)

Plumbing grounds are inspected for proper installation as well as pressure tested to minimize the chance for underground leaks.

3. Foundation Placement

The foundation design and make-up are only as good as the concrete materials being placed within the forms. An on-site inspector monitors the placement of all concrete materials.

4. Framing

All framing is inspected according to the determining guidelines of not only code compliance, but also for plan compliance as well.

5. Plumbing (rough-in)

All piping within the frame is inspected for code compliance prior to the installation of insulation & sheetrock.

6. Electrical (rough-in

All electrical components such as conductors, boxes, etc. are inspected for code compliance and workmanlike installation.

7. Heating & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

HVAC systems are inspected for code compliance as well as proper installation. All ducts within the system are inspected for leaks.

8. Air Sealing and Insulation

All infiltration points into the conditioned space are inspected for properly sealed blocking. Insulation is inspected for proper installation and code compliance.

9. Final Inspections

A final inspection encompasses code compliance, workmanship as well as proper drainage established at the foundation perimeter.

10. Energy Star

The final energy tests must prove through performance the efficiency of the home. Duct blaster and blower door testing are required to initiate the energy certifications.

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