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Deposit Promotion Calculator with CRV Homes!

Are you ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime, building the home you've always dreamed of? CRV Homes is thrilled to introduce an unprecedented opportunity that puts your dream within reach – a groundbreaking campaign offering a low deposit payment option, allowing you to kickstart your custom home build with as little as 1% down.

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Flexibility Redefined: The Power of Choice

At CRV Homes, we understand that every homeowner's journey is unique. That's why we're revolutionizing the home-building experience by providing unparalleled flexibility in initial down payments. Our key selling point is crystal clear – choose your deposit percentage and let us make your dream a reality.

The Bold Move: Adjusting Contract Prices for Your Advantage

We've created a strategic approach to ensure that your dream home is not just affordable but tailored to your financial comfort. The table above outlines a transparent strategy to adjust the total contract price based on different percentages for the Initial Client Deposit (ICP).

  • 5% Deposit: No Changes, No Compromise With a 5% deposit, your dream remains intact, and there are no alterations to the contract price. We believe in simplicity and transparency – what you see is what you get.

  • 2.5% Deposit: A Balanced Approach Opting for a 2.5% deposit? We've got you covered. The shortfall from the expected 5% deposit is carefully calculated, and only 20% of this shortfall is added to the total contract price as an adjustment. It's a balanced compromise that respects your budget.

  • 1% Deposit: The Ultimate Flexibility For those who choose a 1% deposit, the same logic applies, but with a larger adjustment due to the greater shortfall from the expected 5%. Our formula ensures flexibility for clients who prefer a lower upfront payment while fairly compensating the company for the reduced initial cash flow.

Lower Deposit Calculator

Behind the Numbers: How it Works

The formula for adjusting the total contract price when the ICP is below 5% is straightforward:

  1. Calculate the difference between the 5% deposit and the lower percentage deposit (either 2.5% or 1%).

  2. Multiply this difference by 20% to get the adjustment amount.

  3. Add this adjustment amount to the initial total contract price to get the adjusted total contract price.

Example: $1,000,000 Contract with 1% ICP

  • The 5% deposit would be $50,000.

  • The 1% deposit is $10,000.

  • The difference is $50,000 - $10,000 = $40,000.

  • 20% of this difference is $8,000.

  • The adjusted total contract price is $1,000,000 + $8,000 = $1,008,000.

CRV Homes - Did you know?

CRV Homes: Your Smart Choice for Home Building

Don't miss this opportunity to make the smart choice for your home-building journey. CRV Homes combines flexibility, transparency, and affordability to turn your dreams into reality. With our bold visuals and clear messaging, we invite you to join the 1% down revolution – because your dream home should be as unique as you are. It's time to take the first step towards your dream home with CRV Homes – where flexibility meets affordability. Unleash your dream today!

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