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Building a Home in the Riverside Terrace


Located within Houston’s inner loop just under downtown Houston and surrounding Brays Bayou, Riverside Terrace is one of Houston’s most attractive residential neighborhoods. Historically, the neighborhood was home to many prominent families who built luxurious mansions, giving it a unique culture unlike most of Houston’s other neighborhoods. Today, the neighborhood’s reputation has not changed much as is known for its lavish homes, exceptional location, and many wonderful amenities. Home building in Riverside Terrace allows one to join this great neighborhood and fit right in while also living in their dream home.


As Riverside Terrace sits within Houston’s inner loop, it is close to many of Houston’s business and entertainment centers. It is close to both Houston’s downtown and the Texas Medical Center, and getting to either location only requires a short drive. In addition, it’s location also grants easy access to the Houston Zoo and the Museum Districts, which are both enjoyable places to visit with friends or family. Since it’s near the center of Houston, no restaurant, store, or workplace would be too far of a drive. However, Riverside Terrace still maintains a peaceful and serene home life as it is somewhat removed from Houston’s hustle and bustle.


Homes in Riverside Terrace also have many opportunities for sunshine and outdoor activities. As Riverside Terrace surrounds Brays Bayou, the bayou is a popular choice for runners, bikers, or those who are just looking for a relaxing afternoon stroll. A quick glance outside and one will realize the bountiful opportunities for outdoor activity. In addition, homes in Riverside Terrace have access to numerous parks such as Parkwood Park or MacGregor Park. Parks like Parkwood Park are a great place to take children on a weekend outdoor adventure while MacGregor Park is a great place for sporting activities such as tennis, swimming, or baseball. Weather one decides to home build or move to Riverside Terrace, there is no doubt they will be met with plenty of sunshine.


All families moving to a new location will be concerned with the schools in the area, and Riverside Terrace is no exception. Houston Independent School District serves homes in Riverside Terrace Spring Branch and grants students in the neighborhood with a great education. Most students attend Thompson Elementary School, Cullen Middle School, and Yates High School. However, since Riverside Terrace is a highly accessible location, students can apply for a variety of private or magnet schools, if the previously mentioned schools were not the right fit. Home building or buying in Riverside Terrace will provide students with many educational opportunities.


Riverside Terrace is and will likely continue to be one of Houston’s most in demand neighborhoods because of the vast amount of benefits it offers. From the exceptional location of the neighborhood to the remarkable amenities, Riverside Terrace is a popular neighborhood for many who are looking to build a home. This amazing neighborhood combined with CRV Home’s custom homes allows CRV Home’s home building clients to piece together their perfect life. However, if the Riverside Terrace does not seem to be the right fit, Houston offers a diverse array of neighborhoods and my previous blog posts on Memorial Villages and Braeswood Place are both great places to start.

CRV Homes can help you build your dream home in Riverside Terrace or any one of Houston’s other amazing neighborhoods. Schedule your free idea session regarding home building in Houston and get a free quote today by contacting CRV Homes. Click here to get started.

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