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Building a Home in Braeswood Place


Southwest of Downtown Houston resides the Braeswood Place, which is roughly bounded by Holcombe Boulevard in the North, Interstate 610 in the South, and Main Street in the East. Braeswood Place is a residential neighborhood that consists mostly of single family homes and comes with a unique set of benefits like no other neighborhood. The neighborhood is made up of around 2,200 homes and includes seven subdivisions. These subdivisions are Ayrshire, Braes Heights, Braes Oaks, Braes Manor, Braes Terrace, Emerald Forest, and Southern Oaks. If you are looking to build a custom home in Braeswood Place, CRV Homes can help you create your dream home that will make you fit right into the neighborhood.


Braeswood Place has one of the best locations in Houston. While a small distance away from Houston’s center, this means it provides a peaceful, small town feeling while also having easy access to many of Houston’s most popular destinations. For example, Braeswood Place features a short commute to many of Houston’s business centers such as the Texas Medical Center and Houston Downtown. In addition, the neighborhood is close to many of Houston’s entertainment hotspots as explained later and allows for residents to easily go on a weekend outing. Braeswood Place’s location allows for a relatively short commute, no matter where you need to go.


The fact that homes in Braeswood Place have great accessibility to local entertainment hotspots is one of its main selling points. This includes Rice Village or the Galleria for a variety of dining and shopping options, NRG Stadium for sporting events and the rodeo, the Museum District or the Houston Zoo for a fun weekend excursion, and much more. Additionally, the neighborhood is close to many highly rated restaurants and a variety of different cuisines, so there is something for you no matter what you are craving. Braeswood Place’s combination of location, residential setting, and entertainment option is what attracts many of its residents and is one of the main reasons the neighborhood is in such high demand.


Building a custom home in this neighborhood allows for access to multiple nearby parks that are within walking distance. Some popular examples include McGovern Park, Karl Young Park, and Linkwood Park. These parks let families partake in various outdoor sporting activities including baseball, soccer, or running. In addition families can easily go out for a nice walk or an exciting picnic. In addition, Braes Bayou, which runs horizontally through the neighborhood, is a popular choice for runners for their weekend run, bikers for their routes, and everyday residents for their afternoon stroll. Those who decide to live in Braeswood Place will be sure to get plenty of sunshine.


Families considering building or moving in Braeswood Place will have a variety of great schools to choose from. The public schools that homes in the neighborhood get zoned to include Mark Twain Elementary School, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Elementary School, and Pershing Middle School. However, the neighborhood is also nearby many of Houston’s magnet schools that require students to apply to, but are easily reachable within a daily commute. Families looking into private schools should consider St. Vincent de Paul School and St. Marks Episcopal School as they are in close proximity, but many other private schools, such as St. Johns School and Episcopal High School, are easily accessible. Every family considers the schools of a neighborhood when moving or building and Braeswood Place offers many great options. If gaining access to better schools is a priority, looking into Braeswood Place may help you find the perfect home.


Braeswood Place offers its residents an amazing location to the vast amount of local amenities, Braeswood Place provides CRV Home’s homebuilding clients with everything they are looking for in a neighborhood. The amazing neighborhood combined with CRV Home’s custom homes allows people to piece together their perfect life.

If Braeswood Place does not seem to be the right fit for you, Houston offers a diverse array of neighborhoods. Previous blog posts on Montrose and Bellaire are both great places to start.

CRV Homes can help you build your dream home in Braeswood Place or any one of Houston’s other amazing neighborhoods. To schedule your free idea session regarding home building in Houston and to get a free quote, contact CRV Homes today. Click here to get started.

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