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Building a Home in Tanglewood


Located just outside the 610 Loop in West Houston, Tanglewood is North of Bellaire and West of River Oaks. The neighborhood is managed by the Tanglewood Homes Association and is known for its large, luxurious homes and upscale atmosphere. The beautiful homes around the neighborhood make it a pleasure to live in. The gorgeous scenery will captivate those just walking or driving around. In addition, its exceptional location allows the residents of Tanglewood to have easy access to many shopping, dining, and entertainment hotspots and a short commute to the other parts of Houston. Finally, the neighborhood has access to many of Houston’s best schools, which attracts many families to the neighborhood. The allure of the neighborhood causes many to fall in love with Tanglewood and either buy a home or build their own custom dream home in the neighborhood.


Tanglewood features an ideal location due to its relatively central location. Residents of the neighborhood often have a short commute to work as main roads like Memorial Drive, Sane Felipe Street, Woodway Drive, and the 610 Loop connect the neighborhood to major job centers like Downtown, the Galleria, the Energy Corridor, and the Texas Medical Center. In addition, Tanglewood is just next to the 610 Loop, which shortens the commute when travelling to the other parts of Houston, which may be located further away. Because the neighborhood is not as large as other Houston neighborhoods, the quality of location will not vary much between homes like they would with homes in East End or Northside. The convenient location of Tanglewood definitely factors into why many choose this neighborhood to buy or build in.


Residents in Tanglewood also have a seemingly limitless number of options to choose from for entertainment. From dining to shopping to nightlife, Tanglewood has it all. In fact, just South of the neighborhood resides the Galleria, one of Houston’s largest malls. The Galleria is a popular location for a weekend outing as it features a vast number of stores that sell almost anything you can imagine from clothes to shoes to toys. However, Tanglewood also has many local, homegrown businesses that attract its residents like Paris Texas Apparel and many local restaurants like Adair Kitchen, Roegels Barbecue, and Dish Society. And there is never a boring moment as there are many more options to explore near the neighborhood. For those seeking an exciting nightlife, Tanglewood is also in close proximity to Belvedere, Table on Post Oak, and The Testing Room, which can be a fun night with friends. Living in Tanglewood allows its residents to access a myriad of entertainment options and have an exciting lifestyle.


Tanglewood homeowners will have no shortage of opportunities to go outside and get sunshine as it is filled with many appealing parks and beautiful scenery. Tanglewood Park, Tanglewood Bark Park, Grady Park, and Memorial Park are all great places to visit or take your children. These parks allow for a variety of sports from tennis to soccer to baseball. In addition, they are children friendly as they feature playgrounds. Even just jogging or walking around the neighborhood can be a joy, as the gorgeous scenery of the neighborhood is one of its main attractions. Residents of Tanglewood have no shortage of opportunities to go outside and get some sunshine.


Any family considering a new neighborhood is going to look at the schools and educational opportunities provided by them. Tanglewood is no exception, and fortunately, it features some of Houston’s best schools. The public schools in the neighborhood include Briargrove Elementary Schools, Grade Middle School, and Lee High Schools. However, families are not limited by these options as they can opt out of these schools and look into other Houston schools. Other common options include Mandarin Immersion Magnet School, T.H. Rogers School, and Westside High School. For those looking into private schools, popular options include St. Johns School, The Kinkaid School, Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, and St. Agnes Academy. Schools are always a high priority for families and Tanglewood allows families a number of fantastic educational opportunities.


Homes in Tanglewood are in high demand and will likely continue to be because of its ideal location, vast number of entertainment options, great amenities, and fantastic schools. This amazing neighborhood combined with CRV Home’s experience building custom homes allows CRV Home’s homebuilding clients with everything they need to piece together their perfect life. While Tanglewood will not always suit everyone, Houston offers a diverse array of neighborhoods and my previous blog posts on Northside, East End, and West University Place are all great places to start looking for your ideal neighborhood.

CRV Homes can help you build your dream home in Tanglewood or any of Houston’s other amazing neighborhoods. Schedule your free idea session regarding custom homebuilding in Houston and get a free quote today by contacting CRV Homes. Click here to get started.

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