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Building a Home in East End


As one of Houston’s largest neighborhoods, East End resides in Southeast Houston and extends from the Eastern edge of Downtown Houston to the Southeast edge of Interstate 610. In addition, it is bounded by Clinton Drive in the North and Interstate 45 in the South. East End is home to many commercial and industrial districts, which makes the neighborhood all the more attractive to those who are looking for work and want a short commute to work. However, East End also provides many opportunities for entertainment. The vast size of this neighborhood creates a diverse culture, which leads to many murals and pieces of local artwork, a multitude of galleries, and many opportunities for live performance art and music. No matter your background, East End provides many unique communities that attract a variety of homebuyers and homebuilders.


Due to East End’s large size, locations within the neighborhood can vary greatly, but this also means that you can find your ideal location specific to your needs. On the Northwestern edge of East End, you would be close to Houston’s Downtown and closer to other business centers in Western part of Houston, which is convenient if you work there. Since this location is closer to downtown, it may provide a more lively atmosphere when compared to other parts of the neighborhood. Just past the Western border of East End is the University of Houston, and this part of East End may prove attractive to college students who attend the University. Not only does it feature a short commute, but also would likely provide a community of college students. However, other parts of the neighborhood may provide a more peaceful and residential feeling perfect for those looking to settle down or for somewhere to raise their families. Due to its vast size, East End allows homebuyers and homebuilders to pick their ideal location that suits their needs.


Within East End, there is no shortage of dining, shopping, and entertainment options perfect for a relaxing evening after work or an enjoyable weekend excursion. East End seems to have an unlimited number of options for entertainment and will almost always have something for you, no matter what you are looking for. Firstly, East End features a vast number of amazing restaurants to try out. Ninfa’s, Andes Cafe, and Kanomwan Thai Restaurant are all popular dining options among East End residents.

In terms of shopping options, East End features many plazas and malls filled with many stores for clothes or other essentials including Harrisburg Plaza, Lawndale Shopping Center, and Gulf Gate Mall. But for smaller businesses local to East End, residents have the opportunity to visit local bakeries, meat markets, and farmers markets. Residents of East End have plenty of options for entertainment, making it one of Houston’s most attractive neighborhoods.


East End homeowners will also have many opportunities for sunshine as the neighborhood is filled with parks. Eastwood Park, Forest Park, and Mason Park are all beautiful parts that allow for many outdoor activities like running, baseball, soccer, tennis, and other sports. Buffalo Bayou is also nearby and provides many opportunities for outdoor adventures, whether for yourself or your kids. Finally, East End also offers many hiking and biking trails to its residents. No matter where in East End you are thinking about buying or homebuilding in, there will be no shortage of outdoor activity.


Schools are always an important consideration of any family moving to a new neighborhood and East End is no exception. Public schools in the area are served by the Houston Independent School District (HISD) and include schools like Eastwood Academy and East Early College High School. However, residents also have the choice of sending their children to charter schools, which is a great alternative, and includes schools such as YES Prep East End Secondary, KIPP Explore Academy, and KIPP East End High School. All of these schools give families a wide array of educational opportunities to choose from when buying or homebuilding in the East End neighborhood.


Homes in East End are and will continue to be in high demand because it provides its residents a diverse lifestyle and culture and is home to many of Houston’s main attractions. The amazing neighborhood combined with CRV Home’s custom homes allows CRV Home’s homebuilding clients with everything they need to piece together their perfect life. While East End will not always suit everyone, Houston offers a diverse array of neighborhoods and my previous blog posts on Riverside Terrace, the Memorial Villages, and Braeswood Place are all great places to start looking for your ideal neighborhood.

CRV Homes can help you build your dream home in East End or any of Houston’s other amazing neighborhoods. Schedule your free idea session regarding custom homebuilding in Houston and get a free quote today by contacting CRV Homes. Click here to get started.

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