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Building a Home in Briargrove


Residing in West Houston, Briargrove is one of Houston’s hottest and upcoming neighborhoods for residential real estate. The neighborhood is bounded by Woodway Drive in the north, Westheimer in the South, South Voss Road in the West, and Fountain View Drive in the East. While the neighborhood is smaller when compared to some of Houston’s other neighborhoods, it consists of almost exclusively residential homes and provides a lovely, serene atmosphere and small town feeling. Whether you are looking for land, looking to build a custom home, or looking to buy a home, Briargrove is definitely a neighborhood to look into.


Briargrove’s location is ideal for those who want to have a peaceful lifestyle away from the busy city, while still remaining within close proximity to many of Houston’s prominent locations. The neighborhood features a short commute to various commercial buildings and retail districts. In addition, Briargrove is only a short drive from Downtown Houston and the Texas Medical Center. And even if your destination is a little further out, Briargrove is also connected to many of Houston’s primary roads and highways such as Westheimer, San Felipe, and the 610 Loop, which allows for residents to have direct access to many other Houston neighborhoods that may be a little further out. Briargrove’s location allows for both convenience and serenity, which is a significant selling point of the neighborhood.


For those looking for dining, shopping, or entertainment options after a long day at work or for a fun weekend outing, Briargrove provides a seemingly unlimited number of options. For one, many commercial shopping centers, which feature dining, shopping, and more, are right next to the neighborhood. Briargrove Shopping Center, Spectrum Shopping Center, and Briarcroft Shopping Center are all fantastic options. In addition, the Galleria, one of Houston’s largest malls, is only a short drive away and attracts a vast number of visitors from all around Houston. Finally, if these weren’t enough, residents can always visit central Houston. There, residents can visit the Museum district, look at exotic animals at the Houston Zoo, or go to Downtown Houston for more restaurants and stores.


Briargrove has a homeowners association, called the Briargrove Property Owners Association, that maintains the atmosphere of the community by enforcing deed restrictions and architectural guidelines. In addition, they maintain the community’s common areas and provides numerous amenities, including a clubhouse and a pool. The neighborhood is also nearby the Houston Country Club for those who are interested. Finally, Briargrove is near many parks, both big and small, with the most prominent nearby park being Memorial Park, which features multiple trails, tennis courts, and more. Briargrove’s numerous amenities are an excellent bonus to anyone considering building in or moving to the neighborhood.


Since Briargrove is made up of mostly families, schools are an important consideration by many. Families in Briargrove have access to local public schools including Briar Grove Elementary, Mandarin Immersion Magnet School, T.H. Rogers School, and Memorial High School. In addition, families looking into private schools also have many great nearby options including the Kinkaid School and Episcopal High School. Briargrove features many diverse options for educational opportunities that attract many families to the neighborhood.


Homes in Briargrove are and will continue to be in high demand because it provides its residents a peaceful lifestyle with a small town feel while remaining close to many of Houston’s main attractions. The amazing neighborhood combined with CRV Home’s custom homes allows CRV Home’s homebuilding clients with everything they need to piece together their perfect life. However, if the Briargrove does not seem to be the right fit for you, Houston offers a diverse array of neighborhoods and my previous blog posts on Riverside Terrace, the Memorial Villages, and Braeswood Place are all great places to start.

CRV Homes can help you build your dream home in Briargrove or any one of Houston’s other amazing neighborhoods. Schedule your free idea session regarding home building in Houston and get a free quote today by contacting CRV Homes. Click here to get started.

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