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The Professionals & Trades of the Houston Home Building Industry

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

The major activities required to build a home in Houston include Plans & Permitting, Site Preparation, Construction Tasks, Inspection Management, and, of course, Professional Project Oversight. The Construction aspect of building a home does take the majority of the time (6 months of Scheduled work) in the overall process (12-18 months) from the free Idea Session (Plan) to signing a contract & moving in to/selling (Implementations) of a new project either as a new custom home or investment project. During Construction, different trade teams/crews will actively prepare the worksite for the subsequent team/crew to complete the next task until the completion of the new home or investment project.

From the concrete driveway & framing of the garage to the utilities & painting of the home, different types of professional Trade Crews are necessary for each particular construction phase. For example, the Trades in charge of flooring and roofing cannot do their portion of a project if the trade crew in charge of framing & foundation work haven't even begun. Therefore to manage a custom home building project, builders need a professional working relationship with each respective trade.

Decorated Ceiling Trim

Trades within the Houston Custom Home Building Industry vary from Framing, Masonry, Tiling, Roofing, Cornice, Concrete, Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, & sometimes special trade contractors for specific details to the home. All though each trade crew may work at separate occasions, collectively are imperative for the completion of a well functional & beautiful masterpiece of a Home.

Modern Ceiling Trim

For example, a crew may need to do something as detailed as the decorated ceiling trim work above versus a more modern type of ceiling trim work to the right. Trim adds a nice aesthetic to an empty room, and creates a sense of delicacy to the overall finish of a complete home. Practical functions of trim include covering imperfections to reflecting light in to otherwise somber areas of a home.


Without a Professional Builder, one may be able to learn the ins and outs of the Houston Home Building Industry, however the implementation of the acquired knowledge to then construct a quality home or project may be more costly and time consuming with a Chuck in a Truck in comparison to working along side a Professional Home Builder. Therefore, it's important to understand the relationship a builder has to a given trade for quality work. Since quality work is everything (20 Year Warranty), of course our team at CRV Homes builds strong relationships with all Trade Professionals.

If you are planning to build a custom home and surfing the web for search terms like “custom home builder Houston”, go ahead and surf on over to “”. CRV Homes is a “Build on your lot Houston” home builder. CRV Homes is often touted as one of the “best home builders in Houston” and knows the importance of excellent customer service. CRV Homes has high ethical and professional standards, and are committed to providing their customers with exceptional services and quality products. Addition. The team at CRV Homes knows it is exciting to build a new home so their professionals keep you updated on progress via phone, text, email, and even photos - every step of the way!


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