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Revolutionizing Stucco in Houston: The Armorcrete Stucco System Advantage for Home Builders.

As a home builder in the Houston Metro area and throughout Texas, you are likely familiar with the challenges and drawbacks of using traditional stucco on your projects. In this blog post, we will discuss why traditional stucco is a poor choice for our region, and introduce you to an innovative alternative that will save you time, money, and headaches: The Armorcrete Stucco System. Developed by Noe Bastidas Jeffrey Rodgers from Houstonian Capital Investments, this game-changing solution offers numerous benefits to home builders and production home building companies. Currently, the Armorcrete Stucco System is already being used by Houston area homebuilder, CRV Homes on several of their projects.

The Downside of Traditional Stucco

Traditional stucco has been a popular exterior finish for decades. However, it comes with several significant drawbacks, particularly in the Houston area. Firstly, stucco is notorious for its susceptibility to water intrusion, leading to mold, rot, and structural damage. This issue has resulted in countless warranty claims and costly legal disputes. In fact, stucco-related lawsuits have become a significant concern for builders, costing them not only time and money but also putting their reputations at risk.

Introducing Armorcrete Stucco

The Armorcrete Stucco system is a revolutionary alternative to traditional stucco that addresses many of these challenges. The key to the Armorcrete Stucco system's superiority lies in its use of a patented propriety 2-inch-thick autoclaved concrete, which offers numerous advantages over conventional stucco applications.

Faster Installation: With Armorcrete Stucco, installation time is dramatically reduced – from one month down to just one week. A 2-3 person crew can install 700 ft² per day, allowing your projects to progress more rapidly and efficiently.

Cost Savings: The Armorcrete Stucco system eliminates the need for costly OSB or thermal barrier materials, saving you thousands of dollars on each project. In addition, the overall cost of an Armorcrete Stucco system is lower than that of traditional stucco.

Reduced Risk: The Armorcrete Stucco system significantly diminishes the risk of defects, warranty claims, and water intrusion, thereby drastically reducing your exposure to stucco-related litigation.

Versatility: The Armorcrete Stucco system can be installed with any desired texture, and is 100% turnkey.

Insulation Benefits: The Armorcrete Stucco system boasts an impressive R-Value of 2.3 Continuous Insulation, far surpassing traditional stucco's 0.2 and fiber cement siding's 0.3.

Environmental Credentials: The Armorcrete Stucco system is LEED certified and compliant with EPA Energy Star Requirements.

Durability: Unlike traditional stucco, the Armorcrete Stucco system does not sag, warp, deform, or crack, ensuring that joints remain invisible over time.

The Armorcrete Stucco System Advantage

As the only vendor currently offering the Armorcrete Stucco system in the Houston Metro area, Armorcrete Stucco is committed to providing this superior solution at a lower cost than traditional stucco. By choosing Armorcrete Stucco for your projects, you will enjoy the benefits of a higher-quality, faster, and cheaper alternative to traditional stucco, while also protecting your company from the risks associated with stucco-related defects and litigation.

In conclusion, Armorcrete Stucco is a game-changing innovation that offers numerous advantages to home builders and production home building companies in the Houston Metro area and throughout Texas. By embracing this innovative solution, you can save time, money, and protect your reputation, while delivering exceptional quality and value to your clients.

Pre-Order: Armorcrete Stucco is now accepting orders for Houston Metro Area home builders. Contact them at

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