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Finding The Perfect Lot for Your Dream Home

More and more Houston residents are choosing to build their dream home for the numerous benefits it offers. After all, building a home gives them the freedom to design their floor plan, site plan, and landscaping any way that best fits their lifestyle and preferences. One of the challenges that will come up early in the process is finding the right lot to build the house on.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when selecting a lot for your new home.

1) Pick the right area

Everyone wants to live in an area that is known for its nice-looking homes and offers amenities. However, there are many other factors to consider when assessing the suitability of a neighborhood.

Buyers should start by making a list of available lots that are in the area you wish to live. This list can be narrowed down based on your unique needs and preferences.

Areas that are less developed today should not be overlooked. Although these areas may not seem like desirable places to live now, future developments in the area could boost property values significantly. For this reason, purchasing a lot in a new or underdeveloped area may turn out to be a good investment.

Buyers should also consider in their own future needs. For example, you may have no interest is the area schools now. As your family changes, that may be a factor at some point.

2) Visit the lot in-person

Once you have chosen an area that fits your needs, you should visit it in-person. Reading about an area gives you only a limited amount of information about what living there is actually like. So, get in your car and drive down to the potential site of your new home. Exploring the area can help you make sure you will enjoy life in your new neighborhood.

Look at the boundary around the lot and observe how close the neighboring property is. Will your neighbor’s home be blocking the view from certain rooms in your home? 

Similarly, if the lot is next to a large building, your home may be shielded from natural sunlight for a large portion of the day. This could be desirable or undesirable, depending on your unique situation.

Also consider the proximity of the lot to major roads and intersections. If the lot is close to a busy intersection, you will have to deal with traffic crossing regularly and the noise it generates. Property owners that are not bothered by the sound of cars may still get disturbed by the headlights from passing vehicles at night. 

You should also check out the lot at different times of the day and learn how it changes. Some streets that seem quiet during the daytime may get busier at night. For instance, this could be the case if your neighbors throw social events regularly, which could generate excessive noise and make it harder to find parking on your street at night.

3. Topographic considerations

It is important to check the different features of your lot before deciding on it. Some objects, such as rocks or trees, may need to be removed before you can start construction. Consider the driveway access options and how that will affect the overall project. 

You should also check to see how level the property is. A property that is situated on a slight incline may be desirable due to the easy drainage this sloping provides. A slightly steeper slope could require excessive fill to level enough of the lot to set the house properly.

Another consideration is privacy. The lot should provide room for the house to sit on the lot so that neighbors can't see directly inside, headlights of passing vehicles aren’t disruptive from inside the home, and the porches and patios offer the preferred level of privacy and comfort at the right time of the day.

4. Access to utilities 

It can be tempting to choose a lot that is far away from other properties. After all, a lot that is in a secluded location will offer unobstructed views and more privacy. However, it may also be far away from electricity and water lines. 

For this reason, you should bring your builder with you when you are looking at different lots. A professional can evaluate a lot and let you know how difficult or costly it will be to set up utilities for your dream home. 

5. Picture your home on the lot

The final step is to picture your completed property on the lot. This may seem trivial in comparison to all the other considerations, but it is important nonetheless. 

Constructing a property can be a huge investment, so you should ensure you are happy with your lot choice before moving forward with it.

Now that you know the different ways to assess the suitability of a lot, you should get in touch with an CRV Homes and let the experienced Build On Your Lot professionals guide you through this process and turn your vision into your dream home.

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