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Investor Services Listing

Houstonian Capital Investments will advise you from start to finish. If you currently do not own a lot, we will assist you with choosing the correct one, as there are so many additional investment and construction factors to consider we will be in your corner every step of the way to guide you and make sure that your purchase will be a profitable one. If you already own a lot, we will skip that part but rather work backwards to ensure that the product you select will be the most profitable one for the lot you have.

As a good standing member of all major Builders Associations we make continuing education a priority. Through the associations we have access to industry and consumer trends, new building technology, innovative financing plans, changes in state and local building codes and ordinances, environmental regulations, and ongoing education that keeps with a professional edge.

Please see the list of investor level services below included for all of our clients...

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Land Acquisition Support

We have a professional team of qualified and experienced specialists who are well equipped to leverage their knowledge of everything that relates to property and land acquisition. This includes information about market trends and capital markets as well as zoning and community associations, etc. Further, team players work with our well-established network of outside specialists including architects and engineers, attorneys, and officials who work in local municipal offices.

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Due Diligence & Financial Analysis

We will inspect the proposed lot to ensure it is suitable for your project. After conducting a full analysis of vegetation, soil conditions, easements, utilities, municipal restrictions, setbacks and size requirements, etc. we will be able to verify if the lot is "clear for construction". In addition we also work closely with our Title Company to complete a comprehensive title history search and verify that the property is clear from any liens, lawsuits, holds, etc. This will enable you to ensure the lot you are investing in is a suitable one. Once the lot has been cleared, we will establish its highest and best use for maximum return on investment and provide you with a series of financial reports to review before your option period ends. 

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Replatting, Plans & Permitting

We provide professional recorded new plats for building line, easements and rights-of-way, flood areas, boundary markers, and other permanent attachment identifiers as well as architectural and engineering plans for your project. Our plans and designs contain architectural drawings, specifications of the design, calculations, engineering, time planning of the building process, and other documentation. All of our structural plans are certified by our engineer. Additionally we facilitate obtaining all of the necessary permits and approvals required for your project. 


Demolition & Site Work

We will evaluate the condition of the property, the location of utilities and any pre-existing damage to curbs, sidewalks, etc.. The job site will also be cleared of vehicles, debris and spoils. Prior to beginning construction, a survey will be scheduled. Soils may be tested as well. If soils do not meet building specifications, additional excavation and import of soils may be required. Sometimes, foundation specifications may change due to soil and compaction issues.

Construction Workers

Professional Development & Building

This is where we shine. Often we are able to build "Better, Faster & Cheaper" than our competition. We will begin construction which is the process of constructing your property for investment. From foundation to final touch-ups and cleaning - we do it all and we do it right!

The foundations and frames are designed and inspected by engineers to ensure compliance with building codes and CRV Homes’ stringent quality requirements. We utilize Third Party Construction Consultants to perform quality inspections during and after completion of every CRV Homes residence and in addition visual inspections are conducted daily by CRV Homes’ experienced construction staff.

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Asset Protection

We provide you with customized asset protection for each of your real estate investments with HCI. Owning and investing in real estate has many benefits from an investment and tax standpoint. However, there is downside risk, since the value of real estate holdings may be significant and can be used to cover damages awarded in a lawsuit. Therefore, we believe it is important to consider asset protection strategies relating to your real estate investments. That’s why we provide you a customized plan for every project in order to minimize your risk.

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Real Estate & Construction Consulting

We handle all phases of real estate investment and consulting. By using this comprehensive approach we ensure that we get to know the full picture of your financial story and can identify the best opportunities for you, virtually eliminating many common risks associated with investing in real estate.

Our team of experienced real estate investment professionals will analyzes your prospective project from all angles. Our goal is to provide you with a thorough market analysis and to deliver real estate investment success.

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Legal & Litigation Access

Construction is a complex industry and business, requiring informed and dedicated companies, supporting staff, and skilled craft workers. We have specifically put a team in place that includes the assistance of experienced construction counsel. We extend our team of experienced construction counsel so that you can rely upon them to implement avoidance of risks and claims as related to your investments with us. 


Sales & Marketing Support

We have built a qualified sales team who are educated, prepared and ready to sell our product better than anyone else. When you work with our sales team you are dealing with the best of the best and they are more informed specifically with our product on items such as high quality standards, energy efficiency, green building, smart home technology as well as the many features and benefits that come with our homes. The marketing and sales services we include are vast and we would love the opportunity to review the full list of included marketing and sales services we perform for you on all of your investments with us. 

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Post Development Warranty Solutions 

All HCI projects include an Express Limited Warranty which includes a one-year workmanship warranty, two year major mechanical warranty on your heating and air-conditioning systems, electrical and plumbing systems. Then a ten-year structural warranty. The products in your home are also protected with product warranties from the trusted and reputable manufacturers who we work with which range from one to ten years. 


We value your buyers time and understand that when your home requires warranty repairs it can be an inconvenience. Our Builder, CRV Homes will complete any warrantable repairs. For this reason we have made it simple for the end buyer to submit a request for service online quickly and easily. 

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