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Brooke Duplechain

Sales & Acquisition Associate

Brooke is an energetic and effervescent transplant from Lake Charles, LA, has adapted seamlessly to big city life. She enjoys being involved with the diversity of people attracted to Houston and understands how to relate and communicate with them — a talent she proudly possesses. She especially “clicks” with millennials.

Prior to entering the field of real estate, Brooke gained valuable experience in the customer service industry. This prepared her well for assisting clients when buying or selling a home. She views this transition as one of the most important times in their lives and devotes her efforts to building trust and dependability.

She dedicates time to meeting new people at networking events and delights in trying out the ever-changing kaleidoscope of restaurants in the city. And her motto is: “Fitness, Fitness, Fitness”, which you will readily acknowledge when meeting this winsome young lady.

Brooke Duplechain
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