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2-Pack Modern Open

An exciting "build to sell" opportunity with low cost entry into the lucrative and developing residential new construction market of Brook Smith Houston, TX. With an investment entry point as low as conservatively $179k and conservatively targeted returns of 24% over a 12 month term, which makes this investment opportunity very compelling.


Houstonian Capital Investments (HCI) is the parent company of CRV Homes. HCI was founded by Jeffrey R. Rodgers and Noé I. Bastidas because they saw a need to create a 100% turnkey, streamlined new construction real estate investing solution in the Houston Metro Area, for local, domestic and international real estate investors. 

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Houstonian Capital Investments (HCI) is proud to present the opportunity to acquire land below market rates, subdivide the land and develop single family homes.

By coupling the demand for single family homes in near town neighborhoods with readily available land to acquire and develop in Houston’s Inner Loop. The city’s no-zoning regulations have enabled the accumulation of vacant land, abandoned properties and single homes on oversized lots throughout this area. The same regulations allow for land to be subdivided into smaller development plats. This creates the opportunity for developers and investors to maximize land value by subdividing existing lots into multiple plats for the development and construction of residential single family homes for sale.  

The constant growth in this area is impressive as noted in several recent investor magazine articles. According the U.S. Census Bureau, the Houston metro area ranked third in the highest population growth among metropolitan areas from 2017 to 2018, with 91,689 new residents calling Space City home. As the population of America’s fourth-largest city continues to rise, more revamped and redeveloped neighborhoods are popping-up and making their mark. Areas that were once far down on the list of prime real estate options (i.e., Midtown, The Heights, etc.) are now wiping off the dust and turning into shiny, coveted locales. While there’s a lot of new development happening all over Houston, the Near Northside is thriving as an up-and-coming inner Loop neighborhood as it completes the journey from hidden gem to fully coveted locale.

The goal is to couple the expanding demand for new, single-family homes in Brooke Smith in east Houston Heights with a targeted land acquisition that will be subdivided into two (2) plats and developed into two (2) homes to sell in the $550,000 to $650,000 sales market.
Brooke Smith and east Houston Heights area attracts investors capitalizing on this form of development (i.e., subdividing land to build and sell multiple single-family homes). Over the most recent two years (March 2020 to March 2021) the average construction footprint has been 3,000 square feet for resale sizes of 2,500 square feet of livable space. Within the same timeframe, the investment community has diversified developments with smaller projects (1,800 to 2,200 livable square feet) in an attempt to provide new, single family homes at a lower sales price. This has resulted in a stronger submarket that provides greater risk mitigation protections to investors: larger sales market, lower construction costs, shorter hold times and higher sales revenue per square foot.

The business plan of the project is to leverage this market of smaller, new homes and develop two (2) homes with a construction footprint of 2,500 square feet per for a resale size of approximately 2,000 square feet of livable space.

The project will be developed and constructed by CRV Homes, LLC (CRV Homes), HCI’s in-house construction company. CRV Homes is a full-service design-build firm, combining professional design with the development, home building and project management services. The combined CRV Homes team offers the unparalleled benefit of having experts in their specialized fields streamlined under one firm. CRV Homes has the experience and expertise to execute HCI's business plan.



Brook Smith is located in the east Houston Heights neighborhood, one of the most lucrative real estate communities in Houston. It is roughly bordered by North Main Street, Airline Drive, West Cavalcade Street and Interstate 45. Brooke Smith is conveniently located within the Inner Loop, minutes away from Downtown, the Galleria and the Medical Center.

The development is comprised of single-family homes that feature open floor concepts with a modern, traditional exterior. Large windows throughout allow for plenty of natural lighting. The home includes a large patio overlooking a spacious yard that is fully fenced. These homes will be loaded with upgraded features, energy efficiency designs and smart home technology.



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