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100% Turnkey, Includes:

  • Demolition & Site Work

  • Design, Plans & Permitting

  • All Construction Activities

  • 20-Year Warranty Servicing

  • Upgraded Finishes Standard

CRV Homes is a full-service & well-experienced new home builder. Since 2009 CRV Homes has been providing building services with top of the line quality in the greater Houston area and catering to the specific needs and requirements of our clients. From quaint style Bungalows to larger and more complex homes, we have experience dealing with all sorts of parameters. 

Our company is a good standing member of the Greater Houston Builders Association, Texas Association of Builders and National Home Builders Association. Our team is here to build just what you need and when you need it. Please follow along below to see just how we can take ALL of the worry away from you and literally "take it from here". Contact us today to find out how we can help!

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Houston Build on Your Lot FAQ's

What is your service area?

Service Areas
Our primary focus for new construction homes is everywhere inside the TX-8 Beltway Loop. However, we also serve areas outside of Beltway such as Pearland, Friendswood, Webster, League City and also Katy, Richmond and Rosenberg areas to name just a few.
There are a lot of options when it comes to building a new home on your property. Likewise, there are a lot of factors such as reliability, costs, and infrastructure, that often delay you from pursuing your dream home. We will help you learn the solid facts surrounding home construction on your land and why CRV Homes is the best choice for helping you to achieve your dreams. Houston Area
Custom Homes in the Houston Heights Custom Homes in Houston Downtown Custom Homes in Houston Midtown Custom Homes in Houston Montrose Custom Homes in Houston Galleria / Uptown Custom Homes in Houston Museum District Custom Homes in Houston Houston Wards Custom Homes in Houston Eado Custom Homes in Houston Nodo
Custom Homes in Richmond, TX Custom Homes in Rosenberg, TX Custom Homes in Sugarland, TX Custom Homes in Katy, TX South & South East
Custom Homes in Pearland, TX Custom Homes in Friendswood, TX Custom Homes in Webster, TX Custom Homes in League City, TX

What are my custom home design options?

When working with CRV Homes to build a home on your lot, we give you flexible design options. You can select one of our pre-designed floor plans and be ready to build, start with one of our plans and add your own custom touches, or opt for a complete custom home design. If you already have a design in mind, we can work with it as well. Once you’ve begun finalizing the design of your new home, you will meet with one of our knowledgeable staff. Our all-inclusive service includes a professionally pre-designed beautiful selections package. If you want to make changes to any wide array of choices that will complement your home’s design and reflect your family’s personal style we are happy to work with your selections as well.

Is your service truly turnkey?

Yes! We are one of the only all inclusive home builders in the Houston Metro area. First, permits will need to be complied and approved, utilities will need to be planned, determination of flood plain status, and the components of your geographic topography will be required. All of these issues, including site evaluation and logistical management can be handled smoothly with CRV Homes. With CRV Homes, an experienced Project Manager will visit your property and begin planning for the numerous aspects that go into building a home based on your unique situation. Because conditions vary based on topography, soil, water, and construction-specific requirements, we perform a full examination of conditions to make sure that pre-construction preparations are done right the first time. We follow this turnkey service all the way through final touches, fit and finish.

What are my assurances and warranty?

We stand by our quality craftsmanship and support it with our 1-2-20 Year Warranty on workmanship, mechanicals and structure. The products in your home are also protected with product warranties from the trusted and reputable manufacturers we work with. Additionally CRV Homes is a good standing member of the Greater Houston Builders Association, Texas Association of Builders and National Association of Home Builders. CRV Homes undergoes inspections taken at about 10 critical stages of construction. A final inspection is also performed upon completion prior to move-in. Often times these inspections are performed by the Code Enforcement Officer of the respective municipality in addition to our Professional Construction Staff and Third party inspectors. Our building process is built around a checks and balances system to ensure your satisfaction from the ground-breaking through to completion. After the closing of your construction loan, you will be assigned a Personal Construction Manager to oversee the activities, quality, and progress of your home. You will be able to meet and communicate with each other throughout various stages of construction. The final critical stage of construction is the New Home Orientation process. Upon completion of your home, you and your Personal Construction Manager will walk through your new home together and discuss any final touches needed. This also allows us to demonstrate important aspects of your home. You will be given our Homeowners Guide providing basic information on how your home operates and how to maintain regular care. We are confident in the quality construction of our homes. Not only do we provide a standard, limited One Year Workmanship Warranty, we comply with industry standards by providing a limited 20-Year Structural Warranty on your new home. Now you can have even greater peace of mind knowing your home is built to last.

What are my options for custom home construction financing?

Whether you have a preferred lender or believe that shopping around for a great mortgage deal is the best option, you need to make sure you have the right people in place with your best interests in mind. Because building on your own property is different than purchasing a spec home from a community builder, your needs will be different due to the uniqueness of your landowner/contractor relationship. CRV Homes works in partnership with a highly reputable, preferred lenders that offer a myriad of financing options for your new custom home. In addition, our financing jump start option, allows you to start new home construction while reducing or eliminating some of the construction financing costs that may occur. Learn more about financing your new home >

How long does construction take?

While many different factors contribute to the overall length of time home construction may take, in general it takes about 120 working days (i.e. days when actual work is taking place). Some factors play into this such as weather, materials, etc. Although on average, from ground breaking to move in ready is about 4-6 months not including any time taken to prepare the plans and obtain any permits.

What do I need to consider about my land?

Site Selection: Your Home's Location Choosing your homesite is just as important as the design and construction of your new home. Before you build the home of your dreams, there are many aspects to consider. Whether you're planning to build a home on your land or selected lot in the heart of Houston or its vast outerlying areas, in order to make the best decision for your home's location, it is important that you gather as much information as possible about the following:

  • Deed restrictions
  • Subdivision infrastructure
  • Site development costs
  • Public or private streets
  • Flood plain locations
  • Utilities
  • Driveways and roads
  • Location and amenities
Site Planning for Build-On-Your-Lot Programs
Specializing in build on your lot homes, CRV Homes site managers are trained in site evaluation and development for your new home. Your site manager will visit your property with you and then assist with:
  • Placement of the home
  • Survey evaluation
  • Site clearing requirements
  • Construction access options
  • Topography-related issues
  • Soil and foundation information
  • Utility requirements
Your site manager will not only aid in the assessment of your land and property, but will also provide comprehensive solutions for building your home. This is part of our site total project coordination and is our way of simplifying the home building process for you. We will work with you each step of the way toward building your dream home in the Houston area. Soil Testing on Your Lot
CRV Homes will only construct foundations that are engineered to meet the soil conditions and topography of your property. Because of diverse soil conditions, what would be appropriate for a foundation in one location may be inadequate in another. Knowing the condition of your property is critical in designing the appropriate foundation for your new custom home. Therefore, CRV Homes may require independent soil testing on your homesite. If required, an independent licensed engineer reviews the foundation plans and certifies the type of foundation and design for your specific home and lot. Professional engineers provide a detailed report on the condition of the soils, including its expansiveness, bearing capacity, and potential for shifting. Since your foundation is one of the most important elements of your new custom home, we know you will appreciate the benefits of this service. It is another way we go above and beyond the standard practices of many homebuilders today. Preparing Your Home Site
Before we begin building your CRV home, we can help you with all the pre-construction preparations on your land, including:
  • Obtaining the necessary permits
  • Setting up the septic system
  • Drilling water lines and wells
  • Demolishing existing structures
  • Preparing the lot and driveways
  • Architectural control approval

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