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Craig Levin, NMLS 6066

Home Loan Lending Professional

Craig Levin is a top mortgage producer in the Houston area. As a 15-year veteran in the real estate arena, Levin has seen both the highs and the lows of the mortgage industry. He understands that securing a mortgage should be a smooth process. “Many banks and brokers make obtaining a mortgage more difficult than it should be,” he says. “During my initial conversation with a prospective client, I am interested in finding out the client’s mortgage goals. Then, it is my job to assist the client is achieving these goals, if at all possible. I believe that all information and requirements need to be explained upfront, and in a clear fashion.”

No matter what his clients’ needs, Levin strives to be attentive and honest when relaying information and answering their questions. “The key to providing a great experience is to actively listen to what your client is actually asking for, and then following through with it,” he says.

Specializing in Houston’s Inner Loop markets, Levin is a preferred lender for multiple builders and real estate agents in the area.

Recently, Levin has been active in his immediate and surrounding neighborhoods due to the flooding caused from Hurricane Harvey. Beyond physical, emotional and financial support, Levin provided Harvey survivors necessary information regarding their current real estate options. He held several seminars in his own home, bringing together local residents with builders, elevation companies and Realtors to discuss their financial options regarding selling, repairing or building new homes.

Levin is a proud husband, father of three, and an avid Houston sports fan.

Craig Levin, NMLS 6066
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