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Brianna Martinez

Sales & Acquisition Associate

With a background in construction site management, Brianna provides a wealth of exceptional information and knowledge to her home buying and investment clients. She says, “This allows me to provide expertise not only on what you see when viewing a property for purchase, but also what you don’t see behind the walls and the quality of the materials used in construction.” She also helps her clients understand the reports developed as a result of the inspection process.

Brianna understands how people can build wealth through home ownership and real estate investments. She enjoys educating her clients in every aspect of the transaction with the focus on the end result being financially beneficial. She recognizes that people are as unique as the homes or properties they select and she finds the industry exciting and rewarding because of the differing characteristics. She says, “The profession challenges me to be creative in ensuring that my clients get what they want no matter what market challenges may exist.”

Memorial, River Oaks, Uptown/ Galleria and Eado are areas where she is most comfortable representing her first-time homebuyers, sellers and investors. She thinks creatively and many times comes up with unconventional opportunities to guide her clients toward what they ultimately have in mind.

Brianna, who is a Dallas transplant, is fluent in Spanish and English. She has studied Environmental Science, enjoys basketball and candle making appeals to her creative side.

Brianna Martinez
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